Who We Are

We believe digital marketing must start with putting the needs and wants of clients and customers at the heart of any business.

We’re quick to get a grasp of the essence of each of our clients, who their tribes are and what they need to improve their lives, which in turn allows us to help our clients build and maintain great relationships with their customers, both online and offline. We do this very well because we’re compassionate, empathetic, excellent listeners, and we believe in our clients’ products and services.

Our Team

Ivy Rose

Digital Marketing Strategist

Ivy makes social media work for her clients so that they can grow their businesses, serve more people and live the lifestyle of their dreams.

From developing effective integrated marketing strategies to creating different types of content and keeping communities engaged on social media, she loves to help people like you connect with as many members of your tribe who will benefit from – and rave about – your products and services.

Ivy enjoys working with entrepreneurs and small business owners because, having seen her parents run their own small businesses when she was growing up, she has understood from an early age what keeps business owners awake at night, what keeps them going, and what it takes to succeed.

She is passionate about building and maintaining great relationships between people. She believes that whether she’s helping B2C or B2B clients, at the end of the day all transactions are P2P: people to people. People love to do business with people who understand them and their needs, not faceless companies who are only focused on profits.

Before starting The Rebel Berry Group in 2015, Ivy worked for over 16 years at multinational corporations and small businesses in the entertainment, media, business consulting and recruitment industries, delivering results in public relations, copywriting, editing and marketing roles.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of the Philippines and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing from RMIT University. She also has both Google Analytics and Google AdWords Certifications.

Also a Certified Professional Coach, Ivy is passionate about living her best life possible – doing work that she loves, spending time with her family and friends, learning, listening to music, travelling, practising Ashtanga Yoga, and juicing fruits and vegetables. She usually has a green (and other interesting colours) smoothie on her desk to power her through the day. She is based in sunny Brisbane.

If you’re ready to let social media work for you and your business, contact Ivy today at ivy [at] rebelberrysocial [dot] com [dot] au or 0415 341 347.

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Yee Lin Loke

Digital Marketing Strategist

Yee Lin ensures small businesses maximise their opportunities in the digital marketing landscape so they can stand out to their current and potential customers for all the right reasons.

Drawing on her extensive experience in the accounting, hospitality, FMCG, education and professional business services industries, she offers innovative ideas and efficiently implements the latest technology to keep her clients’ customers coming back for more.

Having gained broad international business exposure at a young age, Yee Lin has a clear understanding of different cultures and communication styles. She has a knack for quickly identifying the common ground where customers and business owners all benefit from having their needs met.

Yee Lin is passionate about how digital marketing can be used to inspire and educate people to make choices that are not only best for them, but also for their community and the environment. She finds the constant changes and innovations in social media marketing particularly exciting.

Yee Lin’s interest in how marketing influences people’s decisions led her to earn a Master of Marketing degree from RMIT University, as well as a Digital Marketing Certificate from the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising.

Yee Lin has Google AdWords Certification, which means Google recognises her expertise as an online advertising professional who is qualified to help grow businesses on the web using Google AdWords.

Born and raised in Penang, Malaysia, Yee Lin considers her father her most important mentor who taught her to always do her best and to keep learning and growing. She lived in Sydney whilst she was completing her undergraduate degree at Macquarie University. She is currently based in Melbourne, where she lives with her husband and their young daughter.

Contact Yee Lin today at yeelin [at] rebelberrysocial [dot] com [dot] au or 0478 417 823 to reach more of your potential customers using the power of the web and social media.

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Our Core Values

Every interaction, every action, every decision – and yes, every social media post – must be in alignment with our top values.


Our actions are true to our thoughts and words.


Always strive to do everything to the best of our abilities.


Embrace change and pursue further learning for continued improvement.


Face every challenge with strength, confidence and faith.


Share what we can to make the world a better place.


Combine mindfulness and passion with a sense of cheerfulness and light-heartedness.


Do all things with love.