What We Do

The Rebel Berry Group is all about digital marketing. We help entrepreneurs and small business owners reach, connect with, and be of greater service to their tribes. You don’t want hype, and neither do we! We spread your message online authentically so you can experience true abundance as you focus on sharing your unique gifts to empower others to live their best lives.

As individuals, brands and industries have proven time and again, marketing is such a powerful tool that can influence billions of people – therefore, we respect it and have vowed to only use our marketing, communication, social media, designing and coding powers for the greater good. We partner with entrepreneurs and organisations committed to growing their businesses by contributing real value to their customers’ lives while respecting the wider community and the environment. We – and our clients – know that true success only comes from and through Love, not the ego.

Our clients include business coaches, medical practitioners, lifestyle consultants and authors, as well as makeup artists, photographers, bakers, and yoga teachers in Australia and overseas. We love working with individuals and companies who are passionate about providing products and services that help their customers live their best lives.


An effective marketing strategy is crucial to a successful business. We can develop a specific digital marketing strategy as well as an overall, integrated marketing strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The 12-month digital marketing strategy that we develop for you is customised for you and your business goals. We show you how you can successfully launch, implement and manage a powerful social media campaign, as well as how to integrate social media with both online (e.g. website and email marketing) and offline media.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

We not only help you identify what you need to do (your marketing strategy), but also how you can reach more of your ideal clients or customers both online and offline (your marketing plan).


Maintaining a strong social media presence is time consuming. Even with an effective social media marketing plan, you may decide that your time and energy are better spent on what you do best instead of trying to post regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube. We’ll happily take care of the nitty gritty of social media for you to keep your community growing, engaged and happy.


So you want to better understand social media marketing and do it yourself? We conduct customised workshops to train you and your staff on how to build and maintain your social media presence.

We can also do one-on-one training, which will provide even more in-depth focus and individual attention, as well as allow the rest of your team to go about their day most productively.


Email is one of the best ways to develop and maintain a great relationship with both potential and current clients. For emails that your customers look forward to reading, you need to provide real value, and you need to do it consistently. Time, an effective plan, and a way with the written word are crucial. You can wing it and learn as you go, or you can leave the details to us and start connecting with more people who love what you offer.


Sure, you can go to any designer or developer for a snazzy website. But because we’re natural communicators and relationship builders (aka marketers) with proven skills, experience and interest in geeky things, the website we create for you will not just be pretty, but also pretty effective at increasing your leads and sales.


Webinars are a great way to deliver lots of value to your tribe and interact with them no matter where they are in the world. We’ll help you create and present webinars that your clients love to join.

  • “Our session was amazing. Ivy gave me a new look at how social media works. She also showed me how my website was old fashioned and I agreed. Ivy changed my mindset on how I was working with social media. After our session, I communicated with my audience in a different way, which in turn increased my following, improved engagement on my Facebook page, and made it easier to increase my sales results.”

    Chris Brazel – International Trainer, Mentor & DesignerArmidale, NSW

  • “Working with Ivy has given me many a-ha moments and a better understanding of what was in front of me all along. Ivy has a way of helping practical, doable ideas float to the surface; creativity flows in a session with her, always leaving me excited to put to use everything that came up in our time together. After I made changes to my Instagram account based on what we discussed in our first session, I started seeing more interest from my tribe: more followers, more likes, and most importantly, more client bookings.”

    Lea Evangelista – Makeup Artist, San Francisco, CA